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Need production Black oxide and nickel on brass

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  • Need production Black oxide and nickel on brass

    Hi there - We are in need of a local plater/metal finisher. We sell guitar straps and fashion belts made of ex-military machine gun belts as on our retail site . We sell natural brass/copper, nickel plated, black oxide and now powder coated versions. Our wholesale division is experiencing a 300% increase in business in the last 90 days due to the acquisition of another business and the trend is even more promising. To that end, I am looking for a shorter supply line for the nickel plating and black oxide coating as opposed to continuing with our current supplier back East and pay the increasing price of shipping product to and from them.
    I prefer an informal interface with you for the quote in the interest of time if you are in agreement. The two types of items which would be sent to you would be small caliber rifle shells, caliber 223 and 308.

    The 223 is 1-3/4 inch long and 3/8 inch diameter and is comprised of brass
    The 308 is 2-0 inches ling and 7/16 inch diameter and is brass also.

    We would want them black oxide coated, and/or bright nickel plating and we're always open to new ideas and processes so if you have something else that would me marketable (such as black chrome), I'm all ears.

    We would deliver them to you in what-ever quantity is efficient for you to run a batch, up to 10,000 at a time. We are currently selling from 50,000 to 100,000 pieces a month and that is increasing as we're moving into Canada and the United Kingdom very soon.

    I can send you some samples of the product before and after plating to see exactly what were talking about if you'd like, but time is important to me right now and I'm looking for a metal finisher that I can send some materials to within the next couple weeks or sooner and get things rolling.

    Check out the finished product on our web pages and please let me know what you think of the prospects as soon as you can. Thanks - [email protected]

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    Re: Need production Black oxide and nickel on brass

    A-1 Plating is a full service shop located in Henderson, NV
    Visit us at or email [email protected]


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      Re: Need production Black oxide and nickel on brass


      I like your ideas and the products are very unique.

      I am capable of Nickel plating the Brass, but and not familiar with a Black Oxide kit that will do Parkerizing on a Brass base metal.

      Powder Coating is also another service that my shop offers.

      I am sure that you have found your Platers by now, I'm always a little late at catching up on these posts.

      Keep up the great work!
      Curtis Ashcroft
      M and C's Plating & Powder Services


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        Re: Need production Black oxide and nickel on brass

        I apologize for the delay in response, but I just stumbled across the site today. We have both of these processes in house, as well as many others including:
        Black Nickel
        Matte Nickel
        Bright Nickel
        White Bronze (alternative to bright nickel)
        Oxides in many shades including black
        Zinc with clear/blue, yellow, and black
        Matte Tin
        Clear and tinted lacquers
        Hot paint spray
        Room temp spray booth
        Peen finish (sandblast)
        Vibratory finishing

        We also have R&D capabilities to meet demands for other finishes.

        Shane Moore
        [email protected]