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  • Can anybody....

    I would like to get someone to copy chrome some parts for me as samples before I take a dive and buy everything to setup a 50 gallon system.

    If anybody is within an 1hr drive of me all make the drive to drop the parts off and check out a setup.

    I'm famil. with chrome plating now since I use to do bumpers,etc.. tons of motorcycle at a dif. Co I use to work at... I could get into and use coper/nickle/chrome but......I'm really interested in this copy chrome as said to do a 50g setup for Just my motorcycle stuff.

    anyways Im in Ohio. 44438 and will drive 1hr if anybody is around. If not I'll ship some already preped alum brackets and pegs. and a few steel pieces. All you have to do is plate.

    Please feel free to give me a call at 330-719-5167


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    Re: Can anybody....

    44 views and Nobody wants to make a few bucks on some sample parts??


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      Re: Can anybody....

      Post in the other section

      Services for sale and wanted etc

      You'll have more luck there, I'm sure.
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