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Chrome plating bumpers

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  • Chrome plating bumpers

    I would like to get a front bumper chrome plated. Is this something I can do with one of your kits? If so which one?

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    If you just have the one bumper, the cost of getting a system running for a part that large would be excessive.
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      Take your bumper to a plating shop.


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        I have a friend that got the hood ornament on his truck rechromed and was charged $130.00 This seemed a little excessive to me but I realize the cost of things these days are out of sight on everything.

        I should explain that my question about plating my bumper was just to ask if something that size could plated with one of these kits. I have items to plate that would keep me busy for a long time such as door handles, headlight and parking light bezels, engine parts too numerous to mention as well as differential covers and on and on.

        The thought in the back of my mind is can I realistically plate these things for others as well? Is it a viable and profitable hobby? I've heard there are health risks that should nip my thoughts in the bud. Is this true? Can I do this at home safely and professionally? Can I save money and/or make money doing it? If you offer a kit to do this, which one is it?

        I have lots of questions that have not been addressed.

        Chuck Williams


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          i would like to know the same thing,is it safe.why was it not answered?


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            From what I have read, basically it is perfectly safe if you do it right. At least as safe as anything else. You can poison yourself just painting a car if you don't do it right too you know.

            Certianly don't drink the paint or plating solutions

            Mostly with proper ventilation, fume controll, and folowing basic safety rules you should have no problems.