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Polishing and Anodizing needed.

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  • Polishing and Anodizing needed.

    I have a few parts that need polishing and anodizing.

    -First is an eaton supercharger. It has a stock grey powdercoating on it. I need the case and the snouth polished.
    -Next, I have a "midplate." It is a relatively small piece compared to others listed. It goes between my intercooler and lower intake. I need this piece polished.
    -Next, I have a lower intercooler intake for a 5.4 liter F150. This is a big piece. I need it polished...just externally
    -I have a belt tensioner that I need polished.
    -Next, I have a belt tensioner/pulley arm that needs polished. Pretty big piece that goes across the front of the engine.

    I think that is it for polishing.

    I have two fuel rails that that I need anodized red.

    The anodizing job is pretty small. The polishing job is pretty big. If anyone is interested in taking it on, let me know and I can email you some pictures so you can give me a quote. I have a decent local quote and an extremely high nonlocal quote. I am just trying to see what else is out there. I can strip the stock coating off the supercharger if necessary.

    my email is allcarfan at yahoo