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  • It’s a Home Depot 5 gallon, HPDE 2 I think, not as thick as your buckets. I actually just received 2 of your 6 gallon buckets. Jason, I don’t want to jack this thread or keep it at the top of the que, so I’m going to PM if that’s okay?...
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  • The solution was basicly room temp, around 65-70, had it warming in the slop sink filled with hot water. Should I shake it up, stir it, agitate, heat it up more?...
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  • I’m interested in this too. I mixed the supplied yellow chromate container into 4 gallons of distilled water and it just seem to sink to the bottom. I see a lot of other chromate tank pictures, and the solution is very dark yellow and cloudy. Mine looks like a little food coloring a bucket of water...
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