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  • gardinhackle
    gardinhackle posted a Visitor Message for KevinB
    Hey Kevin, I sent you an email last week, just wondered if you got it! No worries if you didn't want to respond, I figured out my problem, just wondered why I didn't hear back from you.

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  • KevinB
    replied to Anodizing Small Parts
    A small titanium cage is the way to go for itty bitty parts. It's referred to as basket anodizing. I have a customer that does that all day long running 15,000+ parts in a single basket. You need to pack them tight because if they move around you will get little burn marks from arcing. Vibrate them...
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  • KevinB
    replied to Power supply size?
    How much anodized area is on each part, and how many parts will you run in the same load?

    Essentially, size your supply by first determining the largest load size you will run in sqft, the multiply that by (7 - 8 amps/sqft). That will give you you maximum current pull assuming your supply...
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    Last edited by KevinB; 09-03-2017, 07:00 PM.

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