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    Hi mate, I see you have experience in powdercoating ovens and I wondered if you could help me. I have built my oven running 4 elements with each element 1000w. The thing I don’t understand in the wiring diagrams is why on the power people have to hot feeds. I’m from the uk and I have a 230 feed so how does that work? I will coming straight from the fuse box to my oven controls. Any help would be grateful thanks mitch
    Somehow Mitch, in my message center, there are no links to reply to messages so I was hoping I'd get up one day and there would again be some way to reply... So Instead, I had to resort to a new message.

    In response to your technical question about why there are 2 hot wires to the burners in most diagrams, the US uses a 4 wire system to wire most higher voltage single phase items. There are 2 120 legs (the 2 hot wires you see) a neutral, and a ground in common current use. Some older systems used only the two hot wires and a ground. the way it works is those two hot wires are opposing phases I believe... giving the full 240 volts we have available from the source main box. In your neck of the woods they call everything different names, so I hope this makes some sense.

    I don't know how this would translate to UK wiring and electrical systems... I'm just not familiar with them at all.

    Again, sorry to be so long responding but had to get my head around the Caswell message center and make my own way to a response.


  • Mitchellp6183
    I was nearly ready to fire up my oven and my pid controller blew up, lol. It was an inkbird pid, it says it has a 12 month warranty but there based in China. So I don’t think I will have much luck there, can you recommend a good pid, or would you try another inkbird one?

  • Mitchellp6183
    Thanks for the reply, iv been doing a bit more research and I think I have worked it out. In the uk we just have live, neutral and earth. Are live will be a straight 240 volts rather than the 2 lives at 120 volt each. Iv nearly finished wiring up and hopefully I’ll be up and running tomorrow.
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