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  • Whats your starting and ending voltage during anodize? Although I suspect this to be ok.

    I would try making sure the parts and or the solution is circulating for the dye process. I have seen dye settle on parts causing thicker areas. I would also try lowering the temp a bit to around 120F...
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  • What to use for holding small filter pumps in place?

    Can neodymium magnets be used in copy cad solution, if not bare, will the epoxy coated ones work? It's very annoying to be mid plate and have the filter pump pop off because suction cups don't work well in the solution.

    I understand that an external pump and drilled pcv works well but this...
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  • Personally I use steel wool or a Dremel with a flappy sanding head. If the anode is in very bad shape as in left in solution for a very long time I would use a dremel or similar because the surface will be very pitted and harder. If it’s the typical black build-up I use steel wool because it works...
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  • xNocturnalx
    replied to Problems, zinc plating
    You can try priming the part. My Volteq 30/30 doesn’t sense enough resistance to create output, it seems to just have a error. However when I use my little 1/120 power supply it works. So I let the little one ‘prime’ for about 30sec (you’ll see it starting to plate) then put the big boy on to...
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