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  • No anodizing tips but for abrasion resistance, have you considered cast urethanes or urethane coatings? Urethanes can be very abrasion resistant and are used for core box tooling in the foundry industry and lining tubs in vibratory metal finishing tumblers the latter of which is an abrasion test in...
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  • Stripping and Masking Electroplating Racking

    Hello all,

    I’ve been using the Caswell a zinc copy cad kit to plate small steel brackets and hardware. I have a very basic set up and a 5 amp CC rectifier, zinc chloride plating tank, 5% HCl etch, and Yellow chromate. I’m happy with the results.

    I’ve been using copper wire...
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  • Thanks again. That's all very helpful. I'm going to get myself set up over the next couple days, wire up and conventionally plate some single parts and get my process sorted.

    Though building a miniature barrel plater sounds like a fun project, the notion of hanging a basket and hand agitating...
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  • Thanks for that reply zincplater. I do a lot of carburetor restoration so most parts are small brackets and hardware. I figure I'll wire up some of the brackets but would like a miniature barrel plater for all the small hardware and odds and ends. I have the Caswell Zinc/Copycad kit and a 5 amp CC rectifier...
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  • Even as a sticky, I realize this is an old thread and Sean hasn't been seen for 5 yrs. I've tried four different browsers. Best case got pictures at his site to load in about 10 minutes+ per selection. I was able to get the video links in post 23 to play. I get the gist of it. Only a couple things I'm...
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