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  • I'm not sure what timer you're using but here is the link to the build I did if you want to see how it works. The wiring diagram is included as a pdf file.
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  • On my oven I have an on/off/on switch. Middle position elements are off but pid is energized. Placing the switch in the upper "on" position activates the elements in a manual state. Moving the switch to the lower "on" position keeps elements on and starts the timer. At timer expiration...
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  • Starting the timer when the oven reaches set temperature is not the correct method. Density of the part will determine when the cure temperature is reached and duration should begin. The only correct method is to use an IR gun to measure part temperature, then begin the timer countdown.

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  • ed_denu
    commented on a Visitor Message From erkess66
    The pin layout for the Omron is shown in a photo within the Oven Controls Build. Terminals 2 & 7 are the source voltage, and is not polarity sensitive. It also has 2 sets of Form C, NO/NC contacts. One uses terminal 1 as the common, terminal 3 as the NO and terminal 4 as the NC. The other set is...
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  • erkess66
    erkess66 posted a Visitor Message for ed_denu
    Ed, thanks for the info but I 'm really confused as hell on the pin layouts!
    I'm using a Inkbird B2E timer and I see you have a partial schematic for a Sestos timer which I assume is the same as the Inkbird B2E?
    I'm following your Oven wiring mine Model (new} schematic for my control box....
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